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13 September 2017

Water meters play an important role in ensuring water supplies for future generations.Water meters play an important role in ensuring water supplies for future generations.

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What support do you have British Sign Language users?

British Sign Language users can contact us using a Sign Language interpreter, through the InterpretersLive! Find out more here.


How do I view a PDF document?

You can download Portable Document Format(PDF) documents using Adobe Reader which is available free of charge.


If your screen reader software (for example an audio-enabled web browser) is not compatible with Adobe Reader, Adobe provide a free online tool to convert the content of PDF files to text so they can be understood by most screen reader applications.


Accessibility advice for Apple Mac users

The Apple MAc operating system includes many accessibility options, including resizing text, text-to-speech and keyboard alternatives to mouse functions.


Visit the Apple website's accessibility section.


Creating this site

When we created this site our objective was to make sure that all users find it accessible and easy to use. That's why we strive to ensure all pages are XHTML compliant for users of assistive technology and comply with AA standards and industry best practice.

As with every site we create extensive end-user testing means that at every stage we check the code for accessibility using a range of automated and manual checks.