Everything we do, we do for our region.



Providing water to 4.3 million people

From Grimsby in the north east of our region to Milton Keynes in the south-west, we provide the cleanest water to 4.3 million of you! Our highest quality water is our proudest achievement and we're constantly innovating ways to make it even better.

A glass of your finest H2O

We've invested £100 million in drinking water quality over the last five years alone - it's among the best water on the planet. We don't want to toot our own horn, but we're the only company in our industry to achieve ISO standards in quality, environment and health and safety.

Protecting our environment

We clean a billion litres of used water in over 1,000 water recycling works, every single day. Once it's sparkling clean again, we return it back to nature - our rivers are the cleanest they've been for decades. All the more reason for you to enjoy our open spaces, wildlife habitats, parks and reservoirs. So you can see the sparkle yourself!

Surprises in store

At Anglian Water we're never still and we never stop. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve, and some might just surprise you. From protecting biodiversity, to installing the region's largest solar array, to growing our very own tomatoes, everything we do is to improve the lives of the people in our region.